This is a special page dedicated to people who have taken on a challenge and have achieved success in their endeavours and also to those who have shown great progress in their martial art's journey.

Discipline, determination and patience are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

The 42-Day Weightloss Challenge: A test of mental strength & will-power.

Aleeza B. - 13 Aug 20

Anthony S. - 7 Oct 20

Huge progress was made in skill and in strength, displaying great determination and a fighting spirit. Well done everyone!

Anthony S. - 13 Sep 20

Elina S. - 13 Sep 20

Erich S. - 13 Sep 20

Saema J. - 13 Sep 20

Selina J. - 13 Sep 20

Yolanda M. - 13 Sep 20