"I joined TMA last month and at the time I had little motivation to be active and get fit. To be honest I was stuck in a rut.

Since joining I have steadily progressed in terms of my flexibility and fitness, and I am learning all sorts of self defence techniques which makes the classes super interesting and keeps me coming back for more.

I'd recommend these classes to anyone who wants to boost their physical and mental wellbeing, or if you want to try your hand at martial arts without joining a class and bowing to a master.

These classes are casual, impactful and reasonably priced. I'll post another review about my results in a month or two.

Thanks to TMA Combat!!"

Tas N, London.

Google Reviewer

"Started training at TMA combat in January, I had zero martial arts training, I was overweight and very unfit. My goals were to lose weight, get fit and learn some self defence.

I am now in my 6th week with TMA and I can say I seen a huge reduction in my weight (lost 3 inches off my waistline), drastic improvement in fitness and improved confidence.

Sadiq (trainer) is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, patient and supportive person who truly wants to improve people's well being.

I am learning combat styles and doing exercises which I couldn't have dreamt about doing 6 weeks ago.

Can't recommend it highly enough!! Thank you very much Sadiq."

Pany Nicola, London.

Google Reviewer